Our Story

Bringing Wellness Lifestyle & Nutrition to You

Are you all about natural healing and holistically nourishing your body? Our custom all-natural Houston IV drips–which are blended and administered by our fully licensed medical staff through our luxury concierge services–will give your body the boost it needs at any phase of your life.


Integrate Wellness Into Your Lifestyle

Health and wellness play a tremendous role in how you live your life. An innovative source of nutrition, custom IV drips are known to elevate all the efforts you put into living your healthiest, happiest lifestyle.

Fully Customized Houston IV Drips

When you’re ready for a fresh IV drip, we’ll learn about your needs so we can create a custom formula that addresses your concerns. For example, if you’re feeling extremely stressed, your body is more likely to get sick. In this case, we’ll give you a relaxation IV drip followed by an immunity boosting drip–both of which is carefully measured and thoughtfully mixed right in front of you to help you feel your best immediately.


Seamless Boosts, Always

We understand that you’re busy and eager to feel better. Our Houston IV drips deliver nutrients directly to your bloodstream for greater, more immediate absorption, so you expect the process to be quick. At Private Client Wellness, we go to your home or place of work, and our drip sessions are seamless yet enjoyable so you can reap the benefits as you go about your day. Most of our sessions take no more than 45 minutes, so we invite you to take this little time out of your day to relax and indulge yourself in our luxurious mobile clinic with top tier service.

Our Team

Our team is made up of health professionals who have dedicated our careers to treating our patients from a holistic perspective. Food and its nutrients are, by far, the best medicine for your body, so we took it upon ourselves to create a unique experience that is enjoyable, luxurious, and above all, great for your wellbeing. Are you ready to optimize your wellness and get a boost? Contact us today.