PCW Lifestyle Event: Functional Medicine, April 6th, 6-8 PM

Sarah Gallader of The Wellness Matrix

PCW Lifestyle Event
Functional Medicine
April 6th, 6-8 PM

Guest Speaker: Sarah Gallander
The Wellness Matrix

We would like to invite you to our PCW Lifestyle Wellness Event on Functional Medicine on April 6th, 6-8 pm. Join us to learn the benefits of functional medicine and how to incorporate it into your life for a healthier, happier you.

In functional medicine, physicians and patients work together to discover the root cause of ailments by looking at the body as a whole and understanding why an illness is occurring, rather than simply treating symptoms as they come.

Novel River Oaks
2511 Willowick Rd
Houston, TX 77027
Complimentary Valet and Light Bites
Heath and Wellness Giveaways